Thursday, 21 February 2008

Last post?

I've been a bit remiss at keeping up with this lately. I can't claim being busy as an excuse - I've had sod all to do for the last month. The ozone monitors all went in smoothly, and with them installed my work was done. Maybe that's why - when there is little to do, there is little to write about.

Somehow I pass the time though. I'm quite happy to be paid 85 spondoolies a day Antarctic bonus on top of my science wage to mess around with my own website - which is what I would mostly be doing anyway back in Blighty. Midsummer Energy is pretty busy these days compared to this time last year, so there are often enquiries to answer. My office mate Rob is doing a sterling job looking after all the deliveries back in the UK. The Teal website is much prettier than it used to be (anyone want a 90 year-old quay punt? Anyone??? Special price, just for you...); and that still leaves time for playing with gimmicks like the CO2 counter. I really was bored that afternoon.

There are a few bits of base work to help with. There is always a share of melt-tank filling to do, and I've been helping with the packing up of the Clean Air Lab that I was involved in setting up a few years ago. It will be mothballed for the next two years until the new base opens. Helped a bit on the construction site for the new base too, lacing up the enormous tents that have been put over the structures to keep the winter weather off.

And that's just work hours. In the evenings there is pool to play, the perimeter to ski round (or run on an energetic day if the snow is hard enough); band practices to do (they were desperate for a bass guitarist and I was the nearest thing they could find); snow caves to dig. I'm not sure why we need a snow cave really. I think it's just a nice thing to have. I was hacking away cheerfully at the ice with the wintering GA when we worked out he was in the year above me at school. I wasn't suprised. I don't know what it was about Watsons that sends people so far away, but that's the third time I've bumped into a schoolmate down here.

Anyhow. A month ago time seemed to be passing ever so slowly. I don't know where it has all disappeared. Suddenly I have just 1 week left here, so seeing how good I've been at keeping up with this, don't expect to hear much more from me... though I might post a couple of pictures from South Africa if you are lucky.


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